Falls Church school bus cameras come with $250 fine

$250 fines will be issued to those caught by the school bus cameras. Photo: Brianne Carter

(WJLA) - An extra set of eyes will be on you if you drive near school buses in Falls Church starting Monday.

School buses in Falls Church are now equipped with cameras on the stop arms of school buses citywide, primed to capture images of people who blow by orders stop for disembarking children.

The fully-automated cameras are aimed at acting as a deterrent for people who ignore stop signs on the buses. AAA Mid-Atlantic officials say that it happens at least 20 times per day in Falls Church.

People who are caught by the stop arm cameras will be issued a $250 ticket. Running a stop sign displayed by a school bus is illegal in every state and the District of Columbia.

Both Frederick and Montgomery counties in Maryland implemented school bus cameras in 2012.

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