Falls Church man from Mexico shaken by dangerous earthquakes

Jose Flores (ABC7 photo) 

News of another earthquake in Mexico that happened Saturday hit Jose Flores, a Falls Church, Virginia resident, hard.

“It’s just tragedy after tragedy and it’s terrible,” said Flores.

Flores, who now works at Los Cuates in Northwest D.C., says he was born and raised in Mexico and still has family there.

“I got scared just because it’s in Mexico and I’m looking out for my family and for my dad,” Flores said.

He says where he grew up is quite a ways from where the earthquakes hit, but, still, he says, it feels close to home.

“It was really, really hard to watch. Seeing where I come from, where I grew up, the place that I love to be in such bad shape,” he said.

Seismologists reportedly saying that Saturday’s earthquake is believed to be an aftershock of an earlier one.

“We’re going to get through it. I know we are going to rebuild and we’re just going to come back stronger than ever,” Flores said.

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