Falls Church cyber-burglar steals computer and security

Falls Church police have been knocking on doors to warn neighbors about a burglar who steals in person and online.

Through an unlocked backdoor, someone entered a house on Robinson Place while people were sleeping inside and just took one thing - a laptop computer.

The suspect then left.

Within hours, financial information had been taken off the computer and duplicate bank cards were made. There was a failed attempt to use the fake cards at a local department store.

Falls Church City Police say laptops as targets is nothing new but making bank cards with the stolen data is.

“Whoever did this, the person or persons, was very sophisticated,” said Barbara Gordon, a police spokesperson. “They did some planning. They had to know what they were looking fort. They had a goal in mind.”

The burglary victims have closed their accounts. But police want to let others know to both lock their doors and secure their computer information.

“Passwords will create a little bit of a firewall but not much, so people that know what they're doing they'll be able to get access to it,” said Sharise Anderson, a resident who lives in the area.