Falls Church burglar caught on camera

A Falls Church family caught a thief on camera outside their home. Now they hope the video and their loss will help protect their neighbors.

Kasey Cross had no idea a stranger had been lurking around his{ }home. He says it wasn’t until his gasoline can went missing that he decided to look at the surveillance video. The cameras were installed after his home was broken into three months ago.

“He watched the door the whole time he was doing it, but he was in an enclosed car port next to my kitchen,” he says.

The car port was just feet away from there the Cross family was sleeping.

“[He] turned off the dome light and spent five minutes in there with the flashlight going through everything she had in her car,” Cross says.

The man looks through the front of the car and then minutes later focuses on the back. The unlocked car did not have many valuables, and other than the gas can, not much was taken.

Police believe the suspect targeted the home because it sits on a busy street that’s not very accessible.

“He was absolutely comfortable with walking through my property,” says Cross. “He was comfortable walking through the neighbor’s property.”

The man walked back to his vehicle, dropped off the gas can, and walked through Cross’ property again, suggesting he probably knew the neighborhood well.

Cross just hopes the video will help.

“I hope he gets caught. I hope he goes to jail,” he says.

Someone, he says, must know him.

“There is nothing worse in this world than a thief,” he says.

Until then, he and his family remain vigilant and fearful.

“You almost fear like you have to carry a weapon or a badge just to go out in your front yard. It’s scary.”

Cross hopes this is a lesson for him, and a notice to his neighbors.