Fairmount Heights speed cameras under scrutiny

The speed cameras in Fairmount Heights certainly aren’t popular with drivers. But now county officials are taking a hard look at the small town's cameras.

Fairmount Heights never got the proper permits or memorandum of understanding from Prince George’s to make sure the system meets the state's law which allows photo enforcement only in school zones and only they if they are properly announced.

At Addison Road, where the town of Fairmount Heights put one of their speed cameras, one of the things that's required for a speed trap like it is that there be signs warning that photographic speed sign warnings be posted.

John Townsend of AAA Mid-Atlantic calls it a rogue program

“It is nothing more than municipal greed,” he says.

Prince Georges County Public Works spokesperson Susan Hubbard say county inspectors will be visiting the cameras soon.

“They need to make an application to the county it has to be approved they have to submit a traffic plan and in the traffic plan it has to tell us where cameras will be located where signs will be,” she says.

In the meantime, drivers may begin to question the legitimacy of the $40 tickets issued now and in the past.