Fairmount Heights' speed cameras not in compliance, county says

Prince George's County is now taking action to stop the unauthorized cameras in Fairmount Heights from sending out tickets.

Fairmount Heights never received the proper permits or memorandum of understanding from the county for the installed speed cameras on Sheriff and Addison roads. The town also appears to be in violation of a state law that allows photo enforcement only in school zones and requires that cameras are properly announced via signage.

Prince George's County officials are sending a letter to officials in Fairmount Heights requesting that they deactivate the cameras until they are in compliance with county and state law.

Residents say the implication to those already ticketed is obvious.

C.J. Byrd of Prince George's County said, "The people who have paid should get their money refunded, and the people who might have gotten current tickets shouldn't have to pay, because it's the city's mistake..."

Privately, several county officials told ABC7 that ultimately a judge will probably have to decide whether Fairmount Heights' photo radar tickets are enforceable.

Meanwhile, veteran Defense Attorney Donny Knepper says the tickets should be challenged.

"The citizens of the county were not put on proper notice, and that should render any ticket that was issued from one of those machines null and void. And anybody who received such a ticket should challenge it in court, and that violation and fine should be vacated."