Red light cameras coming to Fairfax City

Starting Friday, some new red-light cameras will be up, running and waiting to catch traffic violators in Fairfax City.

The cameras will monitor the intersections of University Drive and North Street and at Fairfax Circle.

Violators will receive warning through the end of July, but beginning{ }July 31, , they’ll be fined $50 for the first month. Tickets will be mailed to the car's registrant, but if you can prove that you weren't behind the wheel at the time of the violation, the ticket can be nullified.

These two cameras are the first of up to 11 that VDOT has approved for use in the city.

The City of Fairfax was one of several northern Virginia communities that used the cameras until a pilot program expired in 2005. The program was reauthorized by the Virginia General Assembly in 2007.

Fairfax County Police Sgt. Dan Grimm says the cameras proved effective when they were last used. He says authorities saw a reduction in traffic accidents and red-light violations.

At least two police officers will physically review photos before citations are issued.