Fairfax Station homeowners face gaping hole in road after storm

Months after a tropical storm Lee, the cleanup in Fairfax County continues, including one neighborhood where residents still can't drive to their homes.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell renewed his request for federal funding.

Torrential rains washed away roads in the county. Most are being or have already been repaired, but families along a private road are on their own.

A hole gapes 36 feet across, 20 feet down and 90 foot from one end to the other end
of Birch Cliff Drive. Residents call it Birch Cliff Island.

“Cause we pretty much are an island,” Karen Basinger said. She had to keep the car on the side of the hole that leads to the main road. “We have to plan really well every time we leave and have to come back.”

They're thankful that neighbor Mike Vaughn, a contractor, built a bridge so residents can get to work and school.

“When you come home, you got groceries that you need to take up to the house, you've got to come across the bridge and put them in the wagon then pull the wagon a quarter mile up a hill,” Vaughn said.

“We're all getting lots of exercise,” Laura Vaughn said.

Their frustration is surpassed by another painful reality. Privately owned means the fix, which could cost more than $100,000, will have to be privately funded.

Homeowners say public safety officials are aware of the situation and have figured out a way, if necessary, to get ER equipment here, but it would take extra time.

Road repairs could begin in a couple weeks and that the road is fixed before the weather turns.