Fairfax special needs student left alone at bus stop

Photo: bsabarnowl via Creative Commons

A Fairfax County mother is furious after her special needs kindergartener was dropped off alone at the bus stop. The child made it back to school after a stranger picked him up.

“He was wandering around, it could have been for an hour, I don’t know,” says Sanda Ceballos, the boy’s mother.

Ceballos says the situation was a violation of the school’s policy which states: Drivers will return children to their school if a kindergartener child is not met at the door of the bus by a parent, guardian or middle school age or higher student.

“He wears a yellow band on his book bag that lets them know he can’t be left at the bus stop alone,” says Ceballos.

“I think that’s terrible, especially for a special needs kid that you are going to worry about,” says Michael Dunn, a parent.

The boy’s teenage sisters pick him up at the bus stop every day and walk him to a nearby mosque. Yesterday one sister was home sick and the other had to stay after school.

Now parents are concerned because anything could have happened.

The boy’s mother is particularly concerned because years ago she lived near Jimmy Ryce. In 1995, the 9-year-old boy was kidnapped at gunpoint from his school bus stop, raped and shot.

“It could have been my son. We have to make sure our kids are safe,” says Ceballos.