Fairfax schools return to serving old, additive-filled hamburgers

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) - The Fairfax County public school system has stopped serving all-beef hamburgers in response to complaints from students.

The school system announced in the spring of 2012 that it would switch from additive-filled burgers to 100 percent beef patties.

But students complained that the new burgers didn't look or taste right, and the Washington Post reports that the school system quietly resumed serving its old burgers this fall.

Penny McConnell, the school system's food and nutritional service director, wrote in a note to Real Food for Kids, a Fairfax-based advocacy groups that had advocated the all-beef patties, that "students are our customers and we listen to them and implement their requests if possible."

A school spokesman says the new burger doesn't contain "pink slime," a filler product.