Fairfax road rage fight turns into death investigation

FAIRFAX, Va. (WJLA) - Watching this surveillance video, it’s difficult to make out exactly what is going on. But it’s clear that a fight happened – one that resulted in the death of 63-year-old William O’Brien.

In an interview with a City of Fairfax police detective days after the incident, 58-year-old Librado Cena – also known as Lee – gives his side of the story:

"I wanted to yell at him and vent, and he attacked me. i thought I was being attacked, so I was defending myself -- I did not strike him at all until after he hit me."

Cena claims that on the morning of April 16, O’Brien was tailgating him on Pickett Road, hocking and following close behind. When O’Brien pulled into the Best Buy parking lot on Main, Cena followed him.

They met in the parking lot, and prosecutors claim Cena started the brawl:

"You instigated the whole offense by getting out of your car and coming to him when he's doing nothing but walking inside the store," said Detective Michael Boone.

After the fight, O’Brien went inside the store and finished his errand. But an hour later, he called 911, a call that was played for jurors in court on Monday.

O’Brien moans on the phone and tells the dispatcher he was assaulted and was experiencing “the worst pain ever in my life.” He says, “it feels like it’s about to make my head blow off.”

O’Brien continues to say that he is in so much pain he can hardly speak. He was taken to the hospital and died 10 days after the incident.

But Cena’s reaction is one of surprise after hearing of O’Brien’s condition days before he passed away:

Cena: From me hitting him?
Detective Michael Boone: Yes, sir.
Cena: You're kidding me!