Fairfax police remind residents to be vigilant

Police are warning parents after multiple reports of a suspicious man watching and even following young children.

Jody Ternisky has been taking her two little girls to McLean Central Park for years.

“Safe neighborhood, safe area,” she says. “You go out here, you feel comfortable.”

Fairfax County Police say they are aware of the reports. The first incident was reported a few miles away from the park. Police say two girls were walking to swim practice at the Langley Club when they say two men tried to lure them into a small red car. The club says they sent out a notice to members warning them of the incident.

Police say a man with the same description as one of the men seen in the car was spotted at the park near Dolley Madison Library.

Babysitter Zamiri Molina was notified right away.

“I got an email that says don’t come to the playground [and] close the library because of a man around who tried to get two girls through the woods,” she says.

With school almost out, babysitters and parents are using the recent scares as reminders for their children to be extra careful.

“Don’t talk to strangers and don’t go follow them” says Angela Lee, a parent. “If you feel something uncomfortable, come home and tell Mom.”

Police say they questioned one man but found he had not committed any crime.