Fairfax police prepare for new urbanized Tysons Corner

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WJLA) - Tysons Corner is in the spotlight as it grows by leaps and bounds. And, now with the new Silver Line, the number of people coming into the area is about to skyrocket.

The development will change more than just the landscape. It’s also changing the way officials police the area. The constant construction of Metro stops, buildings, and businesses make it clear Tysons is on the move.

The transition of Tysons Corner from shopping destination to residential and business hub also means adopting more of an urbanized policing strategy by Fairfax Police.

ABC7 took a ride along with Capt. Daniel Janickey, who is helping lead the change in the McLean District.

"Certain types of crimes likely will go up and we'll be prepared for that," he says.

As Tysons becomes more of a city, including four new Metro stops with above-ground platforms, police are preparing for an increase in anything from loitering to property crimes.

In response, they plan to travel more often in teams of two, usually on foot or on bikes, as opposed to traveling on their own in patrol cars. Cops on the beat, relying on familiar faces to find out what's going on.

"It's really gonna be about developing relationships with business and property owners in the community down in here."

"We see it constantly moving and constantly growing," says Monica Zevallos, the kitchen supervisor at the Silver Diner on International Drive.

She believes stronger ties with police will mean a safer Tysons.

"It gives us a lot of comfort. We definitely feel more secure," Zevallos says.