Fairfax official urges above ground Dulles station

Four minutes. That's the time difference between an underground Metro station or one above ground at Dulles Airport.

Fairfax County Board Chair Sharon Bulova walked the difference between the two to demonstrate that the above ground option makes more sense from a practical standpoint.

Bulova leads a delegation of Virginia officials who oppose the MWAA Board decision to put the Dulles metro station underground.

This option is said to be $300 million more expensive and take at least six months longer to complete. The Metro board voted for the underground option because of concerns that the time and distance from the North garage would be too great.

Bulova said building the above ground station at the airport's existing north garage uses the existing infrastructure of an underground walkaway that keeps travelers out of the elements.

"This option is something many people don't know already is established at Dulles. There is a misconception among some MWAA board members that an above ground metro station would put travelers outside," Bulova said.

She had a phone conversation with MWAA chair Charles Snelling and the two agreed more discussion is needed.