Fairfax fire truck hits power lines, knocks out power for 101 homes

Photo: ABC7

A mobile command fire truck hit power lines at a Fairfax fire station Sunday afternoon, blowing a transformer and knocking out power to 101 homes in the area.

A spokesperson for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue says that the mast of Mobile Command Post 430, which has satellite and other communication equipment, appears to have not been stowed completely.

At about 1 p.m., the vehicle was driving around the fire station at 8739 Lee Hwy in Merrifield when the mast made contact with and then released from some power lines. The contact caused a transformer to blow, which created a power outage to a townhouse development behind and adjacent to the fire house.

The spokesperson says there was minimal to any damage to the vehicle and equipment.

Dominion Power says power was restored by 3:20 PM.