Fairfax Fire presents award to local life-saver

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue paid a special visit to a Herndon business -- not for an emergency, but to present a life-saving award.

The storefront says FastSigns, but it was the quick actions of employee Sarah Mullikin on August 29, 2013, that helped keep her co-worker, Tony Fredericks, alive.

"I experienced a heart attack, and fell completely straight backwards," said Fredericks.

"I came running over here, and Tony was laying flat back like this, with blood pooling out of the back of his head, so I picked up the phone and called 911," said Mullikin.

Shortly after, the situation went from bad to worse.

"I was feeling for his pulse and knew when he stopped breathing, and immediately started chest compressions," said Mullikin.

According to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, Mullikin made a life-saving move, by remembering her CPR training that dates back to her summer life-guarding days as a teenager. At the time of the ordeal, she was eight months pregnant.

"There's a high likelihood that the survival rate would have been greatly diminished, and if he did survive, he would have had significant deficits," said Tony Kostecka with Fairfax County Fire & Rescue.

But today, Fredericks is doing well, and seeing big improvements with his health.

"Doctor says my heart is at 95 percent, after spending two weeks at Reston hospital," said Fredericks.

And on Tuesday, something else to celebrate-- Mullikin received the citizen life-saving award, an honor she shared with the emergency first responders.

"Definitely a lot of credit to Fairfax county. They were amazing, got here so fast. Never been so happy to see them before. They're the real heroes in this situation," said Mullikin.