Prince George's County worker hit by Mustang, pinned to guardrail

TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (WJLA) - There is wreckage in Temple Hills from a devastating collision: a Mustang GT swerved onto the shoulder as it made a slight turn. Prior to striking a Public Works truck, it hit a county employee.

"His leg was pretty tore up didn't look too good," says witness Tim Hansen.

A group of people playing kickball in a nearby park rushed to help out. They say that as the man lay bleeding, a passing motorist stopped and when he saw the victim, took off his belt and tightened it around the victim’s hemorrhaging leg.

"He was fully conscious ...couldn't feel his leg," describes another witness, Garrett Tanner.

The driver of the Mustang reportedly became frantic when he saw the Public Works employee pinned to the guardrail. Meanwhile, witnesses did their best free him.

"It looked like they were able to flip him over the railing to get him unpinned," says Christopher Willis.

The driver of the Mustang allegedly pleaded for someone to get an ambulance, and apparently offered an explanation for the crash when someone asked him how it happened: he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

While witnesses say they were glad to help, they are hoping that the good Samaritan was able to be helpful enough for the victim to pull through.

According to accounts, the victim was in "pretty bad shape."