Fairfax County will alert parents in disciplinary decisions, Herndon Patch reports

The Herndon Patch is reporting that beginning next year, Fairfax County Schools will be required to keep parents in the know before students are asked to sign off on a statement that could end up in their suspension or expulsion.

At a late-night meeting on Thursday, the decision was made after much discussion about disciplinary procedures when it comes to the Fairfax County school system.

The longstanding debate has been heated since 2011, when a 15-year-old Woodson High School student and football player named Nick Stuban, committed suicide after being suspended.

According to the Herndon Patch, the changes include increasing the number of cases that are referred to alternative solutions like intervention seminars as opposed to going straight to expulsion or suspension. The overhaul will also allow students whose cases are being decided upon to attend class as usual until the school reaches a decision.

Despite the progress, some parents remain unsatisfied and are still pushing to implement further changes.

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