Fairfax County water department imposter warning

After two recent incidents, Fairfax County Police are warning residents to watch out for crooks knocking on doors pretending to be with the water department.

In one of the incidents that happened Thursday, the victim tells ABC7 she had $250 taken from her purse. It happened in the Lincolnia Park neighborhood, which is in the part of Alexandria that is in Fairfax County. The victim says a man knocked on her door claiming to be from the water department. He told her he needed to check something out in her backyard, but was not allowed to go back there unless she was also there. She walked him back.

The victim says there were a couple signs something wasn't right. For one thing, although the man had a clipboard, only a blank, white sheet of paper was on it. She also says the man claimed to be from the area, but when she asked him what school he went to, he said he didn't go to any school, but instead was home schooled.

"Part of me was reasoning, this doesn't add up," the victim said. "But I did nothing about it."

A neighbor tells ABC7 while the victim was in the backyard, he saw two men who had arrived with him in a white SUV enter the house. The neighbor says at first, he thought the victim knew the men. It was only later he realized they were burglars. The victim says the men only appear to have taken the $250, but they searched other parts of her house in an apparent attempt to find more cash.

Fairfax Water says its employees will always have a valid ID with them, and every field worker except summer interns will also have the department's logo on their uniform. The water department says residents can call 703-698-5800 to verify if a person is legitimately an employee.

Fairfax County Police say recently there was another incident where it appears a person was trying to pull the same stunt as what happened Thursday. In that case the resident sensed something was wrong and didn't let the person in.