Fairfax County voters approve $30 million Huntington levee

Fairfax County voters approved a $30 million bond to build the proposed Huntington levee and pumping station to hold back the waters of Cameron Run.

While they voted to put a new system in that would help prevent devastating flooding that plagues the small town, that might not be the only benefit.

After enduring terrible flooding in 2006 and again in 2011, people living in Huntington say they can finally see brighter days ahead.

For years the flooding has ruined basements and cars, and has even threatened lives.

And just last week, Superstorm Sandy again forced residents to evacuate to higher ground.

A week later, the bond was passed with more than 70 percent of the vote.

"I think Hurricane Sandy, among other things, made people realize this community has needs," says Merni Fitzgerald, a county spokesperson.

But until construction is complete, the flooding threat remains.

Now residents hope to see some of the for-sale signs come down with news the levee will soon go up.