Fairfax County schools to possibly vote on security cameras

Banksy. (Photo: Flickr/nolifebeforecoffee?)

Fairfax County's School Board will not vote on a proposal today on whether to install cameras around its schools, but discussions are scheduled to further debate their merits in county educational facilities.

After last week's school board elections, the current board members had to decide today whether to vote on the cameras or pass the decision off to the new school board.

They've decided to pass on voting on cameras today.

The majority of high school principals are in favor of the cameras.

Last spring there were a rash of food fights where students and teachers were injured. In many cases, no culprits were caught.

Principals thought putting cameras in cafeterias and other hot spots would cut down on the nonsense.

They have the support of a majority of high school PTAs as well--of the 25 high schools in Fairfax County, 17 PTAs support the cameras.

Two schools--Langley and Annandale--said no. Six school were either split or took no position.

School officials estimate the cameras would cost $120,000 per school, which is about $3 million for all county high schools.

Today's session starts at 3:30 p.m. and the board can either vote or delay the decision until 2012 after the new board is installed.