Fairfax County school buses experience mechanical problems

FAIRFAX, Va. (WJLA) - The latest victim of this winter blast? School buses – possibly about 200 of them in Fairfax County alone – that just wouldn’t start on Friday morning because of the freezing temperatures.

School officials say the mechanical issues caused buses to be late when picking up students, and parents were asked to make sure their kids weren't waiting at bus stops for extended periods of time.

But there were still some groups that had to wait up to a half hour before their bus arrived -- a concern for parent Julia Clarke:

"Well right now this is frustrating, I kind of almost wish they had just closed school today."

ABC7's weather team says that with the windchill at zero or below at the time, it only takes about 30 minutes to risk frostbite -- which is acatually how long it took Jose Fuentes to get his bus to start.

"A lot of kids unfortunately have to stand there and wait," he said.

Drivers say that the locks froze up too, making it tough to even get inside their buses in the first place.

Fairfax County Public School operated on a two-hour delay, and mechanics worked to fix the problems so that more buses would be in service for the trip home.

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