Fairfax County School Board to vote on surveillance cameras

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Fairfax County School Board is set to vote on whether to allow surveillance cameras in their schools.

The controversial decision will potentially be settled Thursday night, several months after a rash of food fights and on-campus incidents left several students and teachers injured.

School officials, specifically principals, were frustrated because they have not been able to identify the students who started the fights.

Two of the more prominent incidents occurred this past may at high schools in Springfield and Centreville.

On May 12, a massive food fight at West Springfield High School escalated into further violence after someone pulled a fire alarm. Senior activities were temporarily placed on hold in the wake of the incident.

Several days later, four students at Centreville High School were arrested and faced various charges, including disorderly conduct and assault, in a scene that one student described as a "food fight turned into a mob scene."

At least one board member hopes to postpone Thursday's vote on the grounds that he feels principals have failed to fully explain the pros and cons of the cameras.