Fairfax County residents upset over lack of recreational areas

Hundreds of people living in Fairfax County are angry over the condition of their local parks and sports facilities.

And to some extent, they say, this is a small part of a much bigger problem effecting hundreds of thousands of people.

Audobon Estates is a large mobile home park off Route 1, but places to play are in short supply. Children play where they can, either on a front step or on a fenced in corner. Clotheslines in yards become part of a makeshift field.

Monday night, hundreds packed Bethlehem Baptist Church. They want help for children in the entire Route 1 area of{ } Fairfax County, which many feel gets the short end of the stick compared to the rest of the county.

Don McIlwain showed up with his West Potomac High football teammates. They and players at Mt. Vernon High School want turf fields like some other schools have.

"Just a small rain will get it slippery, and people will slide all over the place."

The group VOICE, which organized the meeting, also wants better transportation for school activities.

Raveen Sianda, a student in the area, had no way home, so she couldn't make her step show.

"That was our first performance, and I missed out on that," Sianda said.

Fairfax County's Parks and Rec Department said it is meeting with VOICE about the group's concerns. Also, several elected officials from Fairfax County were in the audience at Monday night's meeting.