Fairfax County Police arrest students at Centreville High School

Fairfax County Police arrested several students in connection with a food fight that turned violent at Centreville High School, a spokesperson said

A Fairfax County police spokesperson confirmed that two girls and two boys, all juveniles, were arrested. Three of the students face assault charges and one faces disorderly conduct charges

The victims were the assistant principal and a school security officer.

County Police spokesman Officer Don Gotthardt said that the School Resource Officer requested assistance at about 10:20 a.m. because a staff member was being assaulted by one or more students. Gotthardt says the situation was "quickly stabilized."

Fairfax County Schools spokesperson Paul Regnier described the incident as a food fight. One student described the scene to ABC7 as a "food fight that turned into a mob fight."

When school administrators tried to break up the food fight, witnesses say fists started flying. A witness told ABC7 the Centreville incident may have been inspired by Facebook postings from kids at other schools.

The arrests come on the heels of two other recent food fights in the metro area that allegedly turned violent.

Most recently in West Springfield, where more than 100 students turned over tables, chairs, and other furniture, injuring some students. The school principal threatened to cancel prom but decided instead allowed the dance to go forward.

Days before that, at Henry Wise High School in Prince George’s county, eight students and an adult were arrested also after a food fight allegedly turned violent.