Fairfax County Police combat the rise of sex trafficking among young girls

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WJLA) – Fairfax County Police are seeing an increase in the sex trafficking of young girls, and investigators say the Internet is helping criminals expand their business.

Fairfax County Police are a major part of the Human Trafficking Task Force in Northern Virginia, and they’re taking an aggressive stance on the issue, closely following the methods of criminals to stop them before they find more victims. In the case of an Alexandria man who was arrested on federal charges on Monday, that’s exactly what happened.

Tayron Weeks had been staying with his uncle on West Glebe Road in Alexandria, where neighbors thought they knew the 23-year-old.

“He’s a good guy, as far as I know,” one neighbor said.

Now that Weeks is facing charges of attempted sex trafficking of a 14-year-old child, another neighbor called him a “monster.”

According to court documents, Weeks, who has a history of larceny, theft and assault, first approached the female victim at a bus stop at the Braddock Road Metro station. The two then had sex at Weeks’ uncle’s home.

Weeks later attempted to involve the girl in prostitution, saying she could earn $15,000 a night. He also told her she would be on heavy drugs, like cocaine, so she wouldn’t feel any pain when having sex.

But instead of following Weeks, the young girl went to the authorities.

“She felt a civic responsibility to report to the police, to ensure other kids were not being affected by this individual,” said FCPD Detective Bill Woolf.

Det. Woolf says authorities are seeing an increase in online recruitment for sex trafficking, and with younger victims.

“We’re attacking and addressing the issue with zero tolerance, and really focusing on what the methods are for these traffickers, specifically online, like Facebook,” Det. Woolf said.

While recruiting another potential victim on Facebook, under his page name, “Made Man,” Weeks seemed to know he was in dangerous territory. He wrote, “After you read this delete these messages.” After the potential victim wrote she was just 14 years old, Weeks responded, “Okay, so listen. You’re not 14, you’re 18!

Weeks was planning to operate out of the Days Inn near Landmark Mall in Alexandria, but instead was arrested last month at the McDonald’s on West Glebe Road, where he was scheduled to meet the potential victim.

Though Weeks was arrested last month and bonded out of jail, he is once again in jail after being re-arrested Monday on federal charges, including attempted sex trafficking of a child, sexual exploitation of a child, and attempted coercion and enticement.