Fairfax County libraries stop throwing away old books

File photo: Mr. T in DC/Flickr

Fairfax County has moved quickly to stop tossing thousands of library books into the garbage, WTOP reports.

The county's deputy executive, David Molchany, announced over the weekend that the county's libraries would stop the practice of simply throwing out books judged to be in bad condition or containing dated information.

As first reported by Fairfax Times, a member of Fairfax County's Board of Supervisors made the discovery last week after being tipped off by a group of librarians. When she visited a dumpster near a Chantilly library branch, she found stacks and stacks of discarded books.

"The books in that dumpster were up past my shoulders," Supervisor Linda Smyth told Fairfax Times. "I would say there were thousands."

Librarians say that they believed up to 100,000 books were being thrown away. The Fairfax County library system has more than 2 million times available for checkout, according to Fairfax Times.