Fairfax County home destroyed by fire

“This is the first I’ve seen it in the daylight,” says Sheila Cherubin.

Cherubin is spending Thanksgiving reliving a nightmare. A fire destroyed her family’s home of 34 years.

“How could this happen like this? We’re good people,” she says.

Cherubin says she heard popping sounds Wednesday night after her husband and son left for a friend’s house. Seconds later, smoke began billowing in. That’s when she ran out and called for help.

“And then at that moment the garage went up in flames. I couldn’t believe how tall,” she says.

Fairfax County investigators think an electrical problem sparked{ }the fire. The family’s insurance company has yet to take a look.

Mike Cherubin has a hard time focusing on the devastation.

“You know, I really haven’t processed everything up until now,” he says.

His 23-year-old son with special needs{ }was treated for smoke inhalation. He ran inside the home to rescue his cat and dog.

“I’m glad nobody died in the fire,” says Joseph.

This isn’t the first time a fire forced the Cherubin family from their home. Flames broke out here three years ago.

“But we had a lot of salvageable things last time, but I’m not sure this is the case this time,” says Sheila.

But even through all the pain of the past coming back to haunt the, this family is finding strength in each other and their neighbors who have come to the rescue. Many spent the afternoon bringing them food and clothes.

“We know that we just have to take one more step and count on the good Lord to guide us in the right direction,” says Mike. “That’s how we get through every day.”