Fairfax County finds proof coyotes are breeding in local parks

This photo shows a coyote pup about 12 weeks old in Ellanor C. Lawrence Park in Chantilly, Va. on Aug. 10. Parks officials say it is proof pairs of coyotes have been breeding. (Courtesy Fairfax County Park Authority)

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WJLA) - They had long suspected it, but now they have proof.

Fairfax County Park Authority officials say they have proof that pairs of coyotes have been breeding in at least one of their parks - Ellanor C. Lawrence, located in Chantilly off of Route 28.

A photo released by the Park Authority shows a young coyote pup officials spotted in the park recently, which they say is proof of what they had been suspecting for some time - that pairs of coyotes have been breeding there.

"This pup is probably around 12 weeks old," said Park naturalist Tony Bulmer.

"In early fall the family breaks up and each pup seeks its own home site. It probably is on its own from here on out," Bulmer explained. "The first year of life is the toughest on coyotes."

Bulmer said they will continue to monitor coyote activity in the local parks.

"We will continue with this survey, but I don't expect to see [the coyote pup] again," he said.

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