Sketch released of suspect in robbery, abduction of Fairfax family

(Photo: Fairfax County Police)

As Fairfax County Police continue to hunt for suspects and leads in the abduction and robbery of an entire family in Herndon, authorities have released surveillance video of a person who may have information related to the case.

Authorities say that an armed man entered an apartment in the San Moritz Circle complex in Herndon through an unlocked door at about 9:30 p.m. on July 28 and ordered the residents, a woman and two children, into a back room. The teenage son was bound.

Shortly thereafter, a family friend and the father of the children entered the home and were both assaulted by the suspect. Afterwards, everyone was taken by the suspect into the family car, where he ordered the father to withdraw money from a nearby ATM. The father was then put into the trunk of the car.

The suspect then parked the car in a secluded business park off Innovation Drive, where all the victims except for the father were released. Once he realized the suspect was gone, the father was able to escape the trunk and found police.

Fairfax County Police released 30 seconds of surveillance video on Friday:

“The way the safety is here, on the gated community it was a shock to me that this thing can happen in such a nice complex,” said Neena Singh, a neighbor in the gated apartment community where the family lives.

Fairfax county police say they believe the masked man randomly tried doors and found one unlocked.

Police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell said the father was still in the trunk when the rest of the family managed to run away.

The man got out of the trunk and the family flagged down a passing bicyclist who had a cell phone to call police. The robber disappeared on foot with the money.
“To find out something like this happens so close, in a place that I felt safe, I no longer feel that way now,” said another neighbor, Tammy Milnick.

“At this point, detectives do believe that this was a completely random incident. They don't believe the family was targeted and most likely robbery was motive,” Caldwell said.

The suspect is described as a black, 5'9" male wearing a dark hat, baggy sweat pants, black shoes and dark gloves. Anyone with information is urged to contact Fairfax County Police or Crime Solvers.