Fairfax County clears signs

There’s an effort underway to remove political, advertising and other illegal signs from major roads across Fairfax County.

The sign removal program was created under an agreement with VDOT.
Ruby McCombs sees them all over Maryland where she lives and all over Virginia where her son lives. But she doesn't understand why people look at them anywhere.

“They tend to build up and no one takes care of maintaining them,” she says.

Fairfax County got the message, and after consideration from a citizens task force and approval from the board of supervisors, the sign removal program was born.

The sheriff's community labor force, made up of prison inmates, will now be patrolling 200 miles of major county roads looking to eliminate a sign of nuisance.

The signs are often everywhere during and after election day, but any kind of sign like this is illegal without a permit.

Now, the county is taking action to get them off the road - a sign of progress to be sure.