Fairfax County changes to in-home daycare facilities

Just one look at how home daycare provider Cece Holman spends her days, working closely with children, and you know why she believes the kids are the most important aspect of her job.{ }

And that's why she has been watching the Fairfax County Board so closely as members debated changing zoning rules for in-home daycare facilities to fall in line with new state rules.

On Tuesday, the changes were approved.

The change increases the number of children allowed in a facility from 10 to 12 with a special permit, creating up to a thousand new slots for kids.

Holman supports the change but thinks the permitting process will lead to more costs and fewer providers for parents.

"It means they're going to be struggling to find child care and prices are going to go up,” she says.

Miranda Kosell, who runs an in-home facility in Reston as part of the infant toddler family daycare, is concerned increasing the numbers will limit critical one-on-one time between kids and providers.

"One on one helps a lot because you do have time to sit with each child and read and give love and warm feelings every single day," she says.