Fairfax County adds taxes to fund school system

(WJLA) - Lucinda Marshall’s family has owned property in Fairfax for more than 70 years – but now, they are frustrated due to a hefty new county property tax just months away that will undoubtedly make it increasingly expensive to live in the area.

"It's hard to afford just living nowadays, especially when you're on a fixed income," she says. "If I had my way, I'd sell it and move somewhere else."

Lucinda adds that it will only get more difficult to keep up.

Property owners in Fairfax woke up on Wednesday morning to the new tax bill. The Board of Supervisors approved a half-cent tax increase on Tuesday night, but when tacked on to rising residential assessment, it will mean that the average homeowner will have an increase of $355 annually starting July 1.

"You look forward to getting your house paid off, and now you get your house paid off, and you can't afford the taxes to live there anymore, so you gotta sell the house...and this new tax they passed last night is just one more nail in the coffin," says homeowner Bob Pittman.

The money is meant to help fund Fairfax County Schools, some of which rank within the top 10 in the country. For this reason, some don’t mind the new bill so much:

"Fairfax School system is one of the best, and that's why you have to pay, you have to pay for the best," said homeowner Dana Carlson.