Fairfax County beaver attack: Second rabid beaver discovered in a week

File photo: Cecil Sanders/Flickr

For the second time in a week, a rabid beaver was discovered at a Fairfax County lake, authorities say, but no one was injured in this latest incident.

Fairfax County Police say that Animal Control officers were forced to shoot and kill the beaver, which was found Sept. 8 near the Hidden Pond Nature Center in Springfield.

The incident occurred just as several children were finishing a fishing competition. They noticed the beaver swimming toward the dock they were standing on when it suddenly leapt out of the water and chased the kids. The beaver got very close to a 4-year-old girl.

Parent Mike Frutchey explained, "And it jumped onto the dock and then kind of lunged at her. That is my recollection, because I was concerned about my son, getting him away."

Inga Brown grabbed her three sons and took off. Two-year-old Matthew was on the dock when the beaver leapt from the water.

"I did hear screams," Brown added.

An Animal Control officer was forced to clear the area and shoot the beaver. No one was bitten and no injuries were reported.

Three days before this most recent discovery, a woman was attacked and bitten by a rabid beaver while swimming in Lake Barcroft on Sept. 5. The 83-year-old victim was hospitalized with serious injuries.

"Never in the world did I expect anything like this," Lillian Peterson, the victim in the attack, said. "I am not going to swim there anymore."

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