Fairfax Co. Police: Be on the lookout for ATM credit card skimmers

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WJLA) – The Fairfax County Police Department is warning area residents to be on the lookout for credit card skimmers at ATM machines.

FCPD first alerted the community to the problem in June and on Friday, the department released pictures of a new suspect—a woman.

“That is really shocking,” said ATM customer Dora Fitzgerald. “It really, truly is. You would not expect a woman to be doing this.”

The suspects have gone to great lengths to disguise themselves; one is even wearing a surgical mask.

“They want to cover up now,” said ATM customer Rene Ovando. “Ha ha, too late for that.”

The suspects’ pictures were released weeks ago. Police say the group has hit a handful of SunTrust banks in Northern Virginia—in Fairfax, Loudoun and Stafford counties. Surveillance cameras have caught them in the act, attaching skimming devices to ATMs. Thieves use them to capture credit card and PIN numbers to steal victims’ money.

“Now that you tell me, I want to go back and get my money back,” said ATM customer Tony Joyce.

Police are advising bank customers to look for any signs something is taped or glued to an ATM. Look for pinhole cameras that could be anywhere, even overhead, and protect your PIN number, using your hand or an object to shield the number while entering it into the machine.

“People work hard for their money, and that’s just not right,” said ATM customer Adrian Varela.

Now, police are hoping someone will recognize the thieves and help shut down their skimming operation.