Fairfax assault captured on tape

The entire incident was caught by a nearby security camera. Photo: Jack Webb/Surveillance

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WJLA) -- This was no ordinary fight. Instead, it was an extraordinary attack involving at least six against one that started with the swing of fist.

A tape is making its way through the neighborhood just off Braddock Road, and it was Jack Webb who captured the brutal beatdown.

He installed cameras two months ago above his Inverchapel Road home after there were break-ins at his work van. But his hope to capture car thieves instead captured a battle to survive.

"Its pretty serious," he said. "When I saw the beating this one individual was taking, it looked to me like he wasn't going to be getting up again."

In the video, you can see as one attacker stomps on the victim, followed by another in the mob delivery a volley of body blows. Webb had just turned in for the night when he heard hollering and screaming – “like you might hear at a fight.”

A crowd of about 60 teenagers and twenty-somethings were at a party next door. A Bishop Ireton High School student was hosting the party and tells ABC7 off-camera that no one in the mob was actually invited. The student claims his address was blasted on social media.

Webb said it was out of control and decided it was time to call 911.

Fairfax County Police not only have the tape, but officers walked door-to-door on Tuesday night trying to find witnesses. But they tell ABC7 the same thing they told Webb:

"Unless the victim is willing to press charges, there wouldn't be too much else we could do."

Neighbors say it is disturbing to know that somewhere nearby a teen is so badly injured. And his attackers likely believe they got away with it.