Facebook connection leads to armed robbery of Va. teen

A Virginia teenager thought he was buying some sneakers, but instead he became the victim of an armed robbery.

And it all went down outside a rec center.

A group of armed men robbed the 15-year-old boy outside the rec center on Minnieville road in Woodbridge.

He made a connection on Facebook with someone who wanted to sell their expensive basketball shoes.

They set up the time and place to make the deal at 3:30 in the afternoon at the Dale City Recreation Center.

Prince William County Police say the teen encountered one man. Then three more men got out of a silver car with Maryland tags. One with a handgun.

They forced the boy face down and took several hundred dollars and his cellphone. They never had the shoes.

"It shows desperation of criminals at this time and we're hoping we can get some leads and close this case," says Officer Jonathan Perok.

The rec center has a constant stream of people. It's an after-school spot for children, not a place where there has been this kind of brazen crime.

Margeret Glaub, a neighbor, says, "Their parents, I'm sure, let him go to the center without thinking anything could happen."

Martel Plummer says the idea of an elaborate way to commit a robbery against a teen puts this community on guard.