Fabian Shim sentenced to life for killing Reina Natasha Lynch

A Forestville man has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering the mother of his child because he didn’t want to pay child support, authorities say.

Fabian Shim, 47, was previously convicted of first and second degree murder for killing Reina Natasha Lynch, who was found dead inside a locked guard shack with a shotgun wounds on Nov. 11, 2006. She had been working as an overnight guard at the Fed Ex facility in Beltsville, MD.

Shim and Lynch had a 7-year-old daughter together. Lynch had started child support proceedings against Shim in 2006.

Shim was originally convicted in 2007 but the verdict was overturned on appeal. In 2011, the Court of Appeals subsequently upheld the Court of Special Appeals’ decision and Shim was granted a new trial.