EyeBlack: Rockville, Md. company makes stamp on pro sports

From RGIII to the MLB, it’s the unmistakable print on professional sports and for Peter Beveridge, it’s been a gold mine.

Eight years ago, he got the idea for EyeBlack, a metallic tape that deflects the glare of the sun. Beveridge realized it could also become a tool for advertising on and off the field.

“I saw a team moving from eye black grease to this eye black patch. And, I thought when I saw it, ‘Wow. How valuable would that product be if you could put the Nike swoosh on it?'" he says.

The idea took off. In 2010, EyeBlack sold more than five million pairs of the stickers from a Rockville warehouse. Each pair runs about $1 each. You can find them in college team stores in the states and European stores abroad. And while Beveridge says sales are important, what’s more is that he employees 20 local residents and everything is made in the United States.

“For us, speed, accuracy and price is incredibly important and I was able to find all of that I needed here in the U.S.,” says Beveridge.

Beveridge says he also employs four local people with disabilities and hopes to keep the tradition going as the company expands.