Exxon sparks controversy in Georgetown

The Exxon station at the mouth of Whitehurst Freeway near the Key Bridge is fueling controversy as well as cars.

The owner has contracted with a developer to turn it into a 30-plus luxury condos five stories tall. Many, including residents on Prospect Street, think it’s downright ugly.

Edith Bralove has lived on Prospect for 50 years. She said she’s worried that the condo will reduce property values. Robert O’Malley said he’d see a rooftop instead of the Potomac River – and the design doesn’t fit.

“It would definitely change the feel and the look of the gateway to Georgetown--that's our principal objection to it,” said O’Malley.

Anthony Lan-Yay, of developer Eastbanc, Inc., said he’s trying to modify the look but adds that the owner has every right to build condos.

“We're trying to design a building that fits that prescription with the least amount of impact to the neighbors,” he said. “And so that's why the building is flat, because you want it to be democratic and affect each neighbor equally.”