Extra security continues in DC

Two days after the Sept. 11 anniversary, security officials in Washington and New York say the danger remains high.

The suspected threat leveled against Washington, D.C., remains. D.C. continues to be under a heightened state of alert, and police presence is extraordinary.

Officers have been working 12 hours shifts now for several days. Their vigilance is due to a threat officials have called credible but unconfirmed.

"This threat is still very active," said D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier. "It's very rare that you see threat streams that are both specific to Washington, D.C., and credible."

“If there is a threat, and the chief has said there is in fact a threat, than we're here, and we've been here,” said the head of the police union Kristopher Baumann. “While the officers are tired and worn out they understand that this is a part of their job."

Baumann says while his officers don't have a lot of specifics to go on, they understand the need for the heightened presence. It’s Baumann’s understanding that 12 hour shifts will last at least through Wednesday.

Lanier is expected to decide on an end date based on intelligence she receives.