Explosive device detonated in Fredericksburg ATM robbery attempt

Police in Fredericksburg say early Wednesday morning someone set off an explosive device in an apparent effort to rob an ATM.

The incident happened at a Virginia Credit Union drive-through ATM, located at 2150 Gordon Shelton Boulevard.

"I was dead asleep - four o' clock - and all the sudden just heard BOOM!" said Crystal Furrow, who lives next to the bank at the Seasons at Celebrate Virginia apartment complex. "I thought a gas line had exploded or something. I was expecting to see flames in the sky."

Police say a bank employee called them around 9 a.m. to report that the ATM was damaged.

Wednesday night, the machine had an error message on its screen and a small hole and black marks on its back, but it didn't look too much worse for wear.

The suspect was not able to get away with any money.

Police say about the same time the bank employee called, a woman from the apartment complex called to report that she had heard the explosion and seen someone walking near the ATM around 4 a.m. Police say the woman was too far away to give a decent description of the person.

Police were at the scene of the explosion much of the day. At one point the reaction of a bomb-sniffing dog led them to fear there was another explosive device in the area, and they evacuated several of the apartment buildings. But by 2:15 p.m., they were able to declare the area safe.

There are surveillance cameras at the bank, and police say the cameras show a person placing a device at the base of the ATM.

As of Wednesday night, police had not made the surveillance images public and had not arrested anyone.