Examining possible stadium locations for the Potomac Nationals

Examining possible stadium locations for the Potomac Nationals. (Photo: ABC7)

After more than three decades of hosting America's past-time, days are numbered for the home of the Potomac Nationals.

The minor league team says it must have a newer stadium, and now it's trying to find out just where that stadium will be built.

For years, the team has played in Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Virginia. The search, though, extends far beyond Woodbridge.

"I hope they stay in the area. I'd hate to see them move," Potomac Nationals fan Cindy Kutniewski said.

ABC7 spoke to the team's owner, Art Silber over the phone.

Silber said that negotiations with Prince William County for a new field struck out and so now the team's looking for a new home. He wouldn't say where, only saying he wants to stay in Northern Virginia.

We did some digging and discovered some communities that could be possibilities.

Loudoun County supervisor Ron Meyer said the team is more than welcome there.

Spotsylvania County is a possibility. Arlington County is out, but Alexandria is in.

"I think it is not a bad idea," Dominic Jordan, a baseball fan, said. "The area needs a little bit of excitement so it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring a team to this side of town."

It would be a homecoming for the Nationals in Alexandria.

The minor league team played at what's known now as Four Mile Run Park more than 30 years ago as the Alexandria Dukes.

Fan Sean Murphy is all for them coming back.

"I mean that would be really exciting to see the Nationals here," Murphy said. "I think that would bring a lot to the community."

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