Ex-D.C. principal shares allegations of cheating in PBS documentary

A documentary airing Tuesday night will put a spotlight on an alleged cheating scandal at a D.C. school.

Former Noyes Education Campus Principal Adell Cothorne filed a complaint alleging incidents of cheating at Noyes, as well as other D.C. Public Schools. She claimed the cheating was perhaps driven by the promise of cash bonuses.

In a PBS Frontline documentary, Cothorne will detail some of the problems she saw at her former school.

The Washington Post reports no evidence of cheating was found during a federal investigation into the matter.

Monday, both former D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and current Chancellor Kaya Henderson responded to the results of the investigation.

Henderson's statement read, in part:

"...During her tenure at Noyes, Ms. Cothorne was interviewed twice by an independent investigator about testing impropriety. During those interviews, she never made any mention of these specific charges...What remains clear through all of this is the proven point that the staff and school leadership across DCPS are committed to helping our children succeed through honest, hard work and dedication. We take test security incredibly seriously and will continue to do so even after our name has been cleared. The final report from the US Department of Education corroborates the findings of all the other investigations. There is no widespread cheating at DCPS. Our teachers work hard every single day in our classrooms, and deserve credit and support, not unwarranted suspicions and doubt."

The Frontline documentary airs at 10 p.m.