Everett Bollin survived KFC crash, tells about experience

Everett Bollin surived a crash at KFC that killed another. He and his wife Pamela are thankful.

A day after a 29-year-old woman died when her car crashed into a Landover KFC, Everett Bollin, a Palmer Park resident, feels fortunate to be alive.

Bollin, who says he hadn't been to the fast food restaurant near the corner of Sheriff Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Highway in more than a decade, was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

He was sore, but otherwise okay.

"I feel that he's got an angel on his dashboard," said Pamela, his wife of 38 years.

Bollin had just brought his food back to his car outside the restaurant and sat down to leave when he heard a sound.

"The sound of a washing machine that's not balanced properly, you hear that 'bump bump bump' sound," Bollin said. "That's what it sounded like but it was just so loud."

Bollin never saw the BMW coming before it smashed into him, sending his car into the restaurant.

The BMW's driver, Hellena Smith, died at the scene. Her passenger had non-life threatening injuries. Police say Smith was driving way too fast.

Everett knows if she had lost control just moments earlier, he'd be dead along with her.

"If I'd have been just starting to get into the car, the car would have crushed me," Bollin said.

He said in a way, it was also good he hadn't backed out of his parking spot yet.

"If my car wasn't there that car would have gone straight through the building itself," he said. "There'd have been probably more lives taken."

Pamela said it's a miracle Everett's life wasn't taken.

"(I'm) glad that he's still here with us."