Evan Moss writes book to raise funds for service dog

Evan Moss (Photo: WJLA)

A 7-year old has written a book to help raise money for a service dog for himself.

Evan Moss suffers a genetic disorder and has epilepsy. The family had to write a letter of application for a service dog to help manage his epilepsy. It was Evan’s own idea to turn the letter into a book. Then his big sister thought of selling the book as a fundraiser.

In Alexandria Sunday, people were lining up to see Evan and buy his 26-page book titled "My seizure dog". He even did the illustrations himself. The book shows the 7-year old's take on what the dog will do.

“The seizure dog will eat pizza with me… If I ever go to outer space the seizure dog will come too,” Evan says.

Most importantly, Evan knows the dog will alert his family when he's having a life-threatening seizure, caused by his epilepsy.

“It will give us an extra pair of eyes … also trained to give him balance if he's a little off balance from having a seizure,” said Evan’s mother Lisa.

The Moss family needs $13,000 to get a dog who's specially trained by a group called Four Paws for Ability.

Eleven-year-old Becca Hemenway who suffers neurological disorders and doesn't speak as a result has such a dog, called Griswald.

“Griswald has enabled us to go places we could never go before with Becca being much more secure,” said the girl’s mother, Nancy Hemenway.

Evan, who once suffered 300 to 400 seizures a month, now has fewer, but stronger seizures. His parents Rob and Lisa Moss hope having the dog will allow more safety and freedom for their son. They say the boy sleeps in their bed, and hope with a service animal by his side, he will feel more secure and won’t have to do that anymore.

Lisa Moss was speechless at the hundreds of people turning out to help the family.

“Most of the people here are part of the seven years we've been dealing with this,” Rob Moss said.

“There's a lot of people here we know, but the majority of the people in this line we've never met,” his wife adds.

The Moss' say their son has written several books before during a writer's workshop, his favorite part of school.

The family raised at least $4,000. They sold out of their books and took several hundred pre-orders. The book is available online at