Evacuated Fort Washington residents await soil results

(WJLA) - Isaac Rana is among those more than eager to see the engineer’s report when it comes to the collapsed slope in his neighborhood of Fort Washington. His mother’s home literally hands in the balance.

“We're just waiting to see really, not so much we can do..." he says.

Surveyors, geologists, and engineers are still taking careful measurements along Piscataway Drive to determine if the failed slope is still moving. But with the initial testing complete, the firm hired by the county is now making its initial recommendations:
"It'll give us the direction, it'll give the residents the direction we need to take going forward," said Ronnie Gill, Director at the Office of Emergency Management in P.G. County.

At this point, county officials are not making the results public. The plan of action is still unknown, but the last time a slope failed in the county, claiming portions of these houses along Yorkville Road, nothing could be done.

In May 2008, this slope failed. It dropped 10 feet because of the underlying Marlboro clay -- the same reason for the collapse in Fort Washington now. The ground couldn't be stabilized, and eventually, the county bought the houses and tore them down.

After cleaning the rotten food out of his refrigerator, Rana told us he prays it doesn’t come to that:

"It's been hard...we just have to stick together."