Eugene Williams, Academic Resources Unlimited founder, helps kids learning

At 71-years-old,Eugene Williams spent decades teaching children to read and learn new words.

After teaching in public schools in D.C. and Maryland, as well as local colleges, Williams founded the non-profit organization Academic Resources Unlimited. He spends countless hours tutoring children.

"Oh my do I care about them, yes,” he says. “I think about them most of the time."

Several years ago, while teaching some local high school students about Martin Luther King, Jr., Williams learned something that really bothered him. He discovered that many of the students couldn’t pronounce the words in King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

So he developed several books, cross-word puzzles on famous people like MLK and the president and first lady, to help kids expand their vocabularies.

And his students praise him.

“He knows how to put things in a way that I can understand them,” says Jalante Wells, a 6th grader.