Eugene Delgaudio's non-profit designated as 'hate group'

Delgaudio's group, Public Advocate of the United States, has been designated as a hate group. (Photo: Loudoun County Government)

A Loudoun County-based non-profit organization is coming under fire, with some calling the groups anti-gay, conservative agenda message in line with a hate group.

Now, Democrats in Loudoun County are calling for the supervisor in charge of the group to step down.

Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio founded and runs Public Advocate of the United States, a group that often stirs up controversy and was recently designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"We've always known that they were a hate group," Evan Macbeth, the chairman of the Loudoun Democratic Committee, said. "This is not a change of their status. It's an acknowledgement of what Eugene Delgaudio has been doing for a decade."

Delgaudio's incendiary statements include a recent referral to TSA pat down procedures as part of the "homosexual agenda." He also referred to an anti-discrimination bill as an effort to "ram through their entire perverted vision of a homosexual America."

As reported by the Loudoun Times-Mirror, Democrats began calling on Delgaudio to resign immediately after the designation was handed out.

Delgaudio declined to be interviewed to ABC7 News for this story, but he did issue a statement saying that the Southern Poverty Law Center is "incompetent and unethical" and that it should "turn themselves in to the Alabama bar.:

Some residents of the county describe him as a responsive representative, but that his anti-gay rhetoric has sometimes gone too far.

"I think the guy needs to find a hobby," Hamilton resident Rick McDonald said. "There's enough hate going on."

For others, the designation of Delgaudio's non-profit as a hate group validates the feelings they've carried for years.

"It certainly reflects on those who voted for him and those who shelter him," Macbeth said. "It does not reflect on the majority of this county."

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