Eric Kettani now lieutenant in Navy

Eric Kettani is taking the next step in his career - not as a Washington Redskin but as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.

"I'm honored to have coach Shanahan and coach pin me,” Kettani says. “My number one priority when I'm working."

Kettani's co-workers had nothing but applause and kind words for a player who brings honor to their team.

"It's a definitely honorable occasion just to know that he served for this country,” says Darrel Young. “And he is serving for this country. He brings camaraderie to this team, that military style.”

Head coach Mike Shanahan participated in the pinning ceremony and he admitted even a coach can learn a few things.

"He's a great representative for our country, he's everything you look for in a person,” he says. “To have a guy like that you feel very secure."